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 (17th December 1922 - 7th October 2002)

This website has been set up in remembrance of a very remarkable woman, My Mum. She passed away peacefully at 6.30pm, on 7th October, 2002.

I miss her so much and it hurts.

With all my love,

Robert, Chua Wah Peng
Harry, Chua Wah Eng
Anthony, Chua Wah Seng
Kenneth, Chong Tse Meng
Reginald, Chong Tse Koon
Peggy Chua
Juliet Chua
Chua Whee Wang
Serena Chong
Helen Chong

Slyvia, Chong Swee Lian

Brian Chua Kok Tong
Aric Chua
Darren Chua
Brennan Chong Kar Hoe
Nicholas Chong
*Cynthia Chua Cher Lin
Chloe Chua Cher Lin
Alice Chua
Amanda Chong Karr_men
Cheryl Chong

*Nick Holman

A Tribute to my Mother

My mother was one very special woman. I hope she knew how special she was to me and how much I really loved her and will forever miss her.

I feel the guilt of a wayward son in not being with her when she passed from us. I thought I still had time to be with my mother to say "I love you" and have her tell me "I love you too" like she always did whenever.

My mother died of Alzheimer Disease. She had been confined to a wheel chair for over two years. Her death was sudden. I will always be sorry that she died without me beside her. I was with her three weeks before she passed away. I wish I had spent more time with her just to hold her hands even when she could not respond to me.

I visited her very often over the last two years in Singapore and have seen her health deteriorating. During the later part of her life when she was not able to speak she still could still laugh a little and gave me a lovely smile each time we met. Gradually, she became unable to laugh with me and her smile became weaker. Each time I met her I always said: “I love you very much Mum,” but she could not even speak out to tell me she also loved me. But I know the feelings were there. I always asked her to respond by putting one finger into my mouth if she loved me and she would always just do that. She would laugh a little as I sucked her finger with all my love. This is how we communicated our "love" between us.

She was so weak that she was unable to give me the laughter and smile she had for me when we met previously but she was still able to weakly and slowly put one finger into my mouth to say "I love you, my son." This was the way she would say she loved me each time we met and I will always remember it.

I am grateful to my younger brother Harry for giving her all the medical attention and his personal love in Singapore. My brother Anthony, for taking her to church every Sunday, brother Kenneth and former sister-in-law Catherine for being there with her immediately after she died and auntie Gail for making all the church arrangements. Reginald, Sylvia, our uncles and aunts for seeing her on weekends and holidays. My niece Cynthia for being so good, loving and caring to Mum. My wonderful wife Peggy for her love and time spent with Mum whenever they are together. I believe Mum loved us all in her own different ways.

To all her friends, I thank you all for your support and the love you all had afforded her in the past which made her life so meaningful and happy. She loved you all.

My mother loved traveling and had visited many countries. I am told that once she and my step-father Lemson Chong (departed to be with God on 6th March, 1994) cut short their US tour to return to Singapore when one of their church friend was unwell. They changed their plans just to be with their friend. This is an example of Mum's and my step-father's love and care for others.

I never knew how much I would miss my mother until she left us. I had only spent 18 years of my life with my mother. I was sent to Australia when I was 16 years old and returned to be with her for only 2 years more before leaving again for Hong Kong, where I stayed a further 35 years. Mum taught us how to be humble, to give love, understanding, compassion, self-respect and to be kind. My strong family values came from my mother's teaching and her work with God. I will always remember her fondly for her kindness, sweetness and charming warm smile.

The three nights of "Wake" in honour of Mum's life were very touching. I learnt a lot more about my mother. I did not know she had done so much for the church. She had helped so many people, brought so many people to God, conducted bible studies three times a week, inspired and touched so many people's hearts. I have seen many of her friends in tears and talked to many of them to find out more about her. I hope to able to meet more of my mum's friends in the future. Perhaps through this "Memorial Website" we can all get in touch.

We would welcome any photographs you may have taken with Mum. Please send them to me for inclusion in this website so that we can all share them with her family and friends.

I keep thinking of Mum. My memories of her start with the happy times we spent together during my childhood. These were earlier years, when she was healthy, full of energy, with that wonderful smile and passion in serving God. She was happiest when she was able to help others, like helping the sick at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, conducting bible classes and doing church work at St Andrew's Cathedral to serve God. She was very proud and passionate in serving God.

My Mum will always remain in my heart and I will forever miss her. We know that she is looking over us from above.